Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers in Houston

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Slip and fall injuries are a common occurrence that often requires emergency medical treatment. When the accident is due to the negligence of another individual or entity, it is possible to receive financial compensation. However, it is essential to hire a Houston Texas slip and fall injury attorney as quickly as possible after the incident. This is because witnesses can move away, or forget facts involving the accident. In addition, evidence can be lost forever if not properly maintained or well documented.

An experienced slip and fall injury lawyer understands comprehensive personal injury law and how to build a solid case to file a claim or lawsuit. A seasoned attorney will handle a variety of cases involving slip and fall accidents that include:

• Head Injuries
• Neck and Back Injuries
• Fractured Bones
• Broken Arms
• Dislocated Joints
• Broken Hips
• Brain Injuries
• and others

Causes of Injury

A slip and fall accident can happen in a variety of different places, but are often the result of equipment failure, human error, or an environmental issue. Most cases involve:

• Grease or ice on flooring material
• Loose carpeting and rugs
• Wet floors
• Cluttered hallways, aisles and pathways
• Broken ladders
• Uneven scaffolding
• Damaged stairways
• Handrails in poor condition
• Elevators that stop abruptly
• Lack of a warning sign
• Poor lighting

Proving Negligence

To be successful in a slip and fall injury case, a seasoned attorney will need to prove negligence of the responsible parties. Once proven, the attorney can build a solid case for financial recompense to ensure that the injured individual receives enough money to cover:

• Ongoing medical expenses
• Hospital stay
• Rehabilitation and physical therapies
• Follow-up medical treatments
• Lost wages
• Loss of any future potential earnings
• Anxiety and stress
• Pain and suffering

Negotiating a Settlement

Once the experienced Houston Texas slip and fall injury attorney files a claim on behalf of their client, they can use the solid evidence of their case to negotiate with the insurance carrier. In the event that a settlement cannot be reached, providing fair compensation for the victim, the attorney can file a lawsuit on behalf of their client.

If a lawsuit is necessary, the attorney still provides legal services to the client and can negotiate with the defendant’s counsel in an effort to reach a settlement agreement. If necessary, the case will be heard in front of a jury and judge, where the client can receive financial award through the court system.

Many times, individuals believe they feel okay after a slip and fall accident. Often times, it takes days for the pains and aches to flare up. This is why it is especially important to hire an attorney, and have them direct the injured individual through the system by visiting chiropractors and doctors to receive medical care.

A seasoned Houston Texas slip and fall personal injury lawyer offers a free consultation to discuss all the aspects of the case and provide legal advice on how to proceed. This way, the victim can be assured that their rights are protected and that their personal injury claim can be handled properly according to Texas law.