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It is estimated that approximately 45 percent of accidental injury deaths occur in and around the home. The primary types of accidents involving children include:

  • Drowning while playing unattended in a bathtub or swimming pool.
  • Gunshot wounds: Adults are still careless even today about leaving a loaded gun in a home with children.
  • Drinking chemicals and poisons: Babies and small children can’t read the warning labels on the sides of a can of insecticide or cleaning products. It’s important to keep lower cabinets locked or these products stored up high if you have small children.
  • Fire and burns: These types of accidents can be life-threatening. A child can carelessly pull a hot pan full of boiling liquid off the stove. Children are often fascinated by fire and may sneak away to another room to play with a lighter or matches.

Teach Your Kids Well

A large number of accidents involving children are avoidable. The sad fact is that you can’t watch your children every moment of every day. All you can do is teach them to stay away from harmful things like guns, matches, and poisons. Take the time to explain that something is harmful and why to kids. Even though they may not seem to be paying attention, they often do absorb more of what their parents say than we think.

Survey the Home Regularly for Hazards

Check your home regularly for potential hazards and make certain you baby-proof and childproof each area. Make sure that hazardous products are kept far away from kids and not accidentally left out where they can reach them. This is something that parents should commit to doing each month instead of just once or twice. We can all get careless over the course of time and haphazardly leave cleansers or poisons out where a baby might get to them.

Accidents You Can’t Avoid

Sometimes an accident is simply unavoidable. You’ve done everything you could to prepare your kids, and you’ve eliminated the harmful items around the house. And yet, one day you go to a local park and your child falls off the playground equipment, injuring his or her head. Someone at the day care fails in their duty and your child falls from a high place or is injured by another child. Your baby’s car seat latch is faulty and your child is thrown out of the car seat during a minor fender bender. The list of potential accidents is endless.

Once the parents come to their senses, the first thing they usually want to know is how the accident occurred. Was someone negligent? Did some product fail? Who is to blame? In many cases there is a clear cause and effect. You may need help to arrive at the correct answer, but this is an important step in moving on from a serious accident where you child was injured.

Get Help from Skilled Tucson Child Injury Lawyers

If you believe  your child was injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or a product failure, you may have a legal cause of action. You have a right to be compensated for all medical bills and any future bills relating to the accident, but you will need a strong Arizona personal injury law firm to help you win the case.

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