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For those who have been injured in any type of accident where someone else was to blame, there are so many stages of emotional response. Often, initially you are stunned by the accident and can't believe it happened to you. Next, you may feel terrible about the accident, like it was somehow your fault. After that, you will likely feel angry, followed closely by depression. These are basically the stages of grief, but they are often felt by those who have experienced some type of accident or loss.

At some point, you will realize that, if indeed the accident was not your fault, you should not have to pay for damages and medical bills. Instead the guilty party should pay. Normally, people will not voluntarily pay you for all your pain and suffering and the many expenses that can be associated with an accident. Often, the guilty party will even try to avoid taking blame altogether.

Thousands of accidents occur each day in America. People slip and fall at work or they get a hand stuck in some type of industrial equipment. An amazing 17,000 or so auto accidents are reported in America every single day. That’s over six million per year. Several million people a year are injured in a car accident and over 40,000 citizens die.

Though American automobiles are being manufactured with a number of new safety features on them, drivers themselves are often responsible for the wreck. Distracted driving accidents are at all time high and many states are starting to pass laws that make it illegal to drive while texting or talking on the phone. In spite of years of hard work by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, drunk driving accidents still occur each day in America.

Victims of careless accidents like these are often angry and they have every right to be. But once you get past the stage of anger and grief, you may decide to file a personal injury lawsuit against whoever was responsible for your injuries. 

Financial consequences often do more than any one thing you can do. In forcing the guilty party to take responsibility for their actions, you remind them and everyone that there is a penalty for breaking the law or behaving carelessly. The next question becomes, “How do I find the Texas personal injury lawyer that's right for me and my case?”

The first thing to look for is a law office with extensive experience. You don't want to hire someone who just got out of law school and actually has no real experience. The next consideration should be resources. Does the law firm have adequate resources to do a thorough investigation of the accident so that everyone can get to the truth about what happened?

Another big consideration should be whether the law firm has a good staff, people who are easy to get along with and easy to reach when you need to talk to someone. It doesn't matter if you hire the most famous lawyer in America, if you can't ever get the guy on the phone, then you’ll spend all your time wondering what’s going on. This can lead to undue stress.

At Zinda Law Group PLLC we offer FREE case evaluation so that you can meet with one of our attorneys and find out if our law firm is right for your case. We listen to your story and then advise you on what we believe is your best course of action. Having professional legal advice is a must if you've been injured in an accident or become sick as a result of a drug or medical device recall.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, Zinda Law Group PLLC can inform you of your legal rights and assist you in finding the best solution for your case. Why not call today to schedule your free appointment? The call is free and so is the legal advice! Get all the facts before making a decision that could affect your family's financial future.

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