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Accidents involving commercial vehicles comprise a surprisingly large percentage of auto accidents in the United States and have the capability of being far more catastrophic than the average automobile accident. Commercial vehicles are larger, heavier and often do not have the braking or stopping ability that smaller vehicles do. They also tend to have much larger blind spots and handle some roadway maneuvers (like turns) much differently than a compact car or sedan. Fortunately, an Austin truck accident lawyer is here to help you in case you were injured in a commercial truck accident.

What is a Commercial Vehicle?

A commercial vehicle is any kind of vehicle that is used for business or work purposes. It can be one that is used to haul freight, commercial goods, or even people. City buses, for example, are commercial vehicles, as are passenger and cargo vans. The size and weight of a commercial vehicle, exacerbated by any cargo it might be carrying, are together a real cause for concern.

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Types of Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicle accidents occur under circumstances unique to the nature of the vehicle and its use. A truck with an unbalanced load can overturn or go out of control. It is particularly vulnerable in inclement weather. The result of an accident with a large commercial vehicle, especially under circumstances like these, can be calamitous.

There are certain kinds of accidents that are more common than others involving commercial vehicles. These are just a few:

Semi truck/Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Many circumstances like those listed above along with other types of accidents, like passing on the right or cutting off a semi making a wide right turn, are common.

Delivery Vehicle Accidents

Frequent stops and impatient drivers attempting to get around them make these vehicles vulnerable to all kinds of accidents, particularly rear-ends.

Tanker and Hazmat Carrier Accidents

Chemical spills and explosions are common with tanker trucks.

Commercial Van Accidents

These vehicles have large blind spots and variable centers of gravity depending on their loads. Rollover accidents, side-swipes and T-Bone accidents involving commercial vans are all very common.


Drowsy Driving

One of the most pervasive hazards with commercial vehicles is drowsy driving. Laws exist to regulate the number of hours a truck driver can operate his or her vehicle during the course of a day, but many drivers still operate under varying degrees of fatigue. In a recent anonymous poll, an alarming number of truck drivers – more than 70 percent – admitted to falling asleep at the wheel at one point or another during their careers. It is a chronic problem that continues to wreak havoc on America’s highways.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents: Know Your Rights

If you have been injured in any kind of accident involving a commercial vehicle, you need the help of a lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable and will fight to win a settlement or judgment that covers all your injuries and resulting expenses. The law limits the amount of time you have to take action, so call and speak to a qualified Austin, Texas personal injury lawyer today.

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