College Station Wrongful Death Lawyer

It’s possible to have a wrongful death civil suit when the negligence of another causes loss of life. The families of these victims deserve justice for what is understandably a devastating time. There are so many questions by victims’ families as to how to get through a tough time such as this. At Zinda Law Group we understand the struggles of families in this situation and are prepared to help those in need through the Bryan/College Station area. Experienced and compassionate attorneys are necessary to fight for your rights and the rights of those you have lost.

There are many types of negligent acts that lead to wrongful and untimely deaths, but a few tend to claim more lives than others. Unfortunately, the most common cause is car accidents, which is a risk we cannot avoid. If the most common cause of wrongful deaths was skydiving, you might have no problem staying away from this risk, but most of us are forced to be on Texas roadways every day. When you add drunk drivers to these roads the risk of accidents only grows. Other causes of wrongful deaths include: using dangerous or defective products, unsoundly constructed buildings, child abuse, elder abuse at nursing homes, and medical malpractice, negligent maintenance and upkeep of public and private places like hotel pools or apartment complexes.

The spiritual and emotional struggle of losing a loved one is usually life altering for the families left behind. Many times this struggle goes beyond emotional loss to include financial loss as well. The financial burden of losing a loved one can be devastating. Hospital bills, burial costs, and lost wages are often left to be sorted out by the family, especially if there is no life insurance plan in place. It is usually the families of victims that qualify to file a wrongful death suit and unmistakably are those in the best position to be compensated for their loss.

At Zinda Law Group we are experienced in helping those living in the Bryan College Station area get the compensation they deserve. We believe that the time after your loved one’s death should be spent mourning that person and not worrying about the legal issues and financial loss. We can help you put your life back together while also holding those responsible that put you in this situation in the first place. Whether your case is large or small, you will have direct contact with your attorney and know that we are aggressively fighting to protect your rights. There is no amount of money that will bring your family member back, but reducing the financial burdens can definitely make help in getting you through this difficult time.