What to Do After an Accidental Shooting in Florida

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Firearms are extremely dangerous, especially when handled improperly. Accidental shootings are common in the United States, with hundreds of incidents every year. Owners and handlers of guns should be careful when handling firearms to avoid inflicting permanent or devastating injuries onto unsuspecting victims.

If you were involved in an accidental shooting, you may have many different options moving forward. After an accidental shooting, there are certain steps that you may want to take to help make your life easier in the long run. Following these five steps can help you recover more quickly after an accident, physically and financially.

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Gunshot victims can do many things after an accident to help lessen the burden of a shooting. Accidental shootings can be deadly, but even non-fatal shootings can be devastating, with many victims suffering from serious and debilitating injuries for the rest of their lives. After a shooting, your first instinct is to check yourself and your loved ones for injuries; if anyone else in the area was injured by the weapon’s discharge, call 911 for them immediately.

Some of the injuries inflicted upon accidental gunshot victims are invisible to the naked eye; these injuries can vary in intensity, permanency, and frequency. Left untreated, some injuries can develop into life-threatening conditions or permanent disabilities. Therefore, prompt treatment for any kind of injury is crucial, as many injuries can greatly affect the way your body moves and functions.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accidental shooting, it is imperative that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. A medical professional may be able to help you mitigate the overall effects of your injuries. According to weapon and injury research, accidental shootings can cause the following injuries:

If you know of or are someone who was accidentally shot in Florida, it is imperative that you see a medical professional to evaluate your injuries. Even if you do not have any apparent injuries, you should still visit a healthcare professional to avoid developing subsequent injuries later on down the road.

In addition to the obvious health benefits, visiting a healthcare professional may also have some legal use as well. Your doctor will create an official medical report of your injuries; in most courts, you will likely be able to use these medical documents as proof to the court of your injuries. It is important to your claim that you demonstrate that you have made a good faith effort to recover and address your injuries as quickly as possible.

If you were injured in an accidental shooting and need help seeking compensation for your injuries, contact an experienced gunshot lawyer near you for help. A knowledgeable lawyer on your side will be able to help you assess your injuries, gather evidence, and file a claim.


Gun violence can come in many different forms. When most people think of shooting injuries, they likely think of the intentional discharge of a weapon. While it is undeniable that many Americans suffer from intentional gun violence every year, many others fall victim to accidental shootings; injuries from an accidental discharge of a firearm can be just as serious as ones from an intentional shooting.

There are some common causes of accidental shootings. After an accident, you will likely need to determine what caused your shooting accident in the first place. Knowing the most common causes of accidental shootings can help you begin your analysis; a few common causes of shooting accidents include:

User Error

User error encompasses many of the accidental shooting accidents that occur each year in Florida. User error typically refers to a gun owner acting recklessly, like discharging their firearm in a public place, failing to keep the weapon locked up, or handling the gun inappropriately. The handling of a gun by someone who does not have the proper training or exercise the appropriate amount of care can quickly lead to devastating results.

Gun Malfunction

Any small malfunction in a gun can be disastrous, resulting in very serious, even deadly, consequences. Given the massive amounts of firepower contained in even the smallest handgun, it is critical that all components of a gun are in good working condition before discharge. Guns can malfunction in many different ways, so owners should clean and maintain their guns regularly to avoid gun malfunctions.

Hunting Accidents

Hunting is a popular activity across the country, especially in Florida. Hunting often involves weapons and firearms, which can lead to tragic results if they are not properly handled. Careless hunters can injure themselves or those around them with loaded or poorly maintained firearms; even purposeful discharge can result in an accidental shooting if a hunter is aiming at an animal but misses and instead hits a person.

Determining the cause of your accidental shooting accident is an important step on the road to financial and legal recovery. If you choose to pursue a claim in court seeking compensation for your injuries, you will likely have to prove to the court what caused the shooting to begin with. If you were injured in a Florida shooting, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible; a group of in Florida may be able to help you assess the facts of your case and determine the cause of your accident before guiding you in the pursuit of compensation for your loss or injury.


To be able to recover compensation for your injuries, it is necessary to identify who might be legally responsible for them. Unfortunately, this is not always a simple process. Multiple parties can be responsible for a single incident, and even accident victims may be at least partially responsible.

As a result, you may be able to bring many different parties into your lawsuit. The most common people whom you may be able to hold liable for your accidental shooting include the following:

  • Gun operator
  • Gun manufacturer
  • Gun distributer
  • Gun owner
  • Shooter
  • Shooter’s parents
  • Victim’s parents
  • Property owner

There are many reasons why you should consider holding different parties liable for your injuries, not the least of which is the possible prevention of future similar incidents. Gun operators, manufacturers, and distributers can be brought into a lawsuit if the gun itself caused the accident, while gun owners and handlers can be held legally liable for causing the accident itself if their negligence resulted in the shooting. Depending on your jurisdiction, parents and guardians can be held liable for the reckless actions of their children.

Regardless of who was most at fault, establishing who was responsible for your accident is imperative for legal recovery. If you were injured in an accidental shooting and need help allocating fault, contact a gunshot attorney who has handled Florida cases as soon as possible. With their hard-earned experience, they will know how to help you determine fault, navigate the court system, assess your damages, and negotiate with the involved parties.


Accidental gun shootings can inflict long-term, serious injuries onto victims; fortunately, many of these shootings can be prevented. Gun owners and handlers can help keep their communities safe by choosing to follow expert-recommended safety guidelines. According to safety experts, there are a few safety tips that all gun owners and handlers should follow, at a minimum; these safety tips include the following:

  • Lock up firearms.
  • Unload guns after using.
  • Store ammunition in a separate location.
  • Take firearm safety classes.
  • Stay up to date on safety recommendations.
  • Keep guns away from children and teenagers.
  • Dispose of weapons safely.
  • Never discharge a weapon in highly populated areas.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.

There are approximately 300 million guns in the United States; the best way to keep you and your children safe from guns is to remove all weapons from the home. If impossible, you should be aware of and learn about gun safety prior to handling. Preparing yourself and your family before handling a weapon can help prevent accidental shootings from occurring altogether.


Dealing with the financial, legal, and emotional consequences of an accidental shooting can be exhausting. Gun injury claims can be difficult to handle and litigate, especially if your case involves many different parties and injuries.

Winning compensation for losses incurred during an accidental shooting can help victims recover more quickly. If you are interested in potentially getting the highest compensation possible for your damages, an attorney specializing in gunshot cases will be able to help you. Once hired, an injury attorney will advocate for your needs and prepare the best case to take your claim to court.

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Deaths caused by gun accidents are tragic and can cause irreparable harm; survivors of gunshot incidents may be left with substantial grief, debt, and trauma as a result of the shooting. Fortunately, there are many things that gun owners and handlers can do to protect themselves from accidental shootings. After an accidental shooting, some victims find it difficult to move on, with many struggling to decide what to do next.

Follow the five steps discussed above, and your recovery process can be greatly simplified. These steps may help you recover legal compensation for the incident. Contact an injury attorney who can help you seek legal recourse and negotiate a fair settlement for your injuries.

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