Power Line Accidents in Fort Worth

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Power lines are notoriously dangerous, and people are often hurt when they come into contact with live wires that aren’t properly protected. The most common people involved in these accidents are utility or construction workers, as they’re thrown right into the fray. When these people are up making repairs, their employers have a certain duty to keep the working environment safe. Employees are required by law in places like Fort Worth to accommodate employees in many ways, and a failure to do this can lead to liability if an injury results. For people who are involved in power line accidents, the right attorney can be a major help.

How do Power Line Accidents Occur?

Some people get very unlucky, and they’re electrocuted when a power line is down. These cases are few and far-between, though the vast majority of power line accidents occur when workers are put into a dangerous position. In many cases, these workers are exposed to live wires that should have been shut down while those workers are making repairs. These accidents will almost certainly lead to serious injuries, and in many cases, they can lead to death. The stakes are high in these cases, and good attorneys are able to help workers or their families.

Who is Responsible for Power Line Accidents?

Fort Worth companies that put workers up on the wire are responsible for any injuries that result when something goes wrong. In some cases, an employer might have failed in its duty to provide a safe working environment. Specific statutes govern what companies must do in regard to these employees, and they’re often quite strict. The lawyers at Zinda Law Group often work closely with people who have been hurt in these kinds of accidents. They figure out whether an employer or some other party has failed in its duty to protect workers in these kinds of accidents.

Who Can File a Claim?

The person who files a claim will depend on the severity of the accident. If you find yourself hurt in a power line incident, then you can file your own claim for any medical expenses that you might have incurred. If a loved one happens to die in one of these accidents, then you might be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of yourself and your family. The legal system opens its doors to people who’re caught in this situation, and you may have many different options.

The Need for a Good Lawyer

Each week, the lawyers at Zinda Law Group see people who try to handle these things on their own. Perhaps they file a claim with their employer. Maybe they try to work things out with their health insurance company. Whatever the case, these people often miss out on legal opportunities to recover damages. The attorneys at Zinda Law Group skillfully evaluate every client’s claim, and the attorneys there work hard to provide quality representation. With the help of a good lawyer, your chance of recovering goes up exponentially.