Fuel Tank Fire Accident Lawyers in Austin

In recent years, a number of vehicles have been recalled due to problems with their fuel tanks. Among the most prominent are the Ford Crown Victoria, Mustang, and the Jeep Liberty. After so many years of auto-making and so many problems with exploding fuel tanks, it would seem that manufacturers would have perfected the fuel tank by now. But car accident statistics don’t lie.

Austin Fuel Tank Fires

Each year, thousands of vehicles are involved in accidents where the fuel tank is punctured allowing gas to spill out. Once the fumes are airborne, an explosion is eminent.  For the victims of these accidents, it can mean life changing injuries.  Accidents involving fuel tank fires can be devastating, producing deaths and catastrophic injuries. Victims may be left with a lifetime of medical problems and the prognosis can be very grim. Your physical appearance may be altered; you may have constant pain or serious crippling.

Proving Negligence

If your accident occurred because of someone’s negligence, then you can hold that individual or company responsible for all damages.  The most important thing is to work with a well-experienced Austin car accident law firm.  A thorough investigation must be performed so that you and your family can recover all current and future medical bills and lost wages.

Austin Personal Injury Law

At Zinda Law Group, we understand how hard it can be for your family to move forward after a major event like this. As experienced Austin, Texas wrongful death lawyers, we seek to assist our clients in getting the settlement they deserve. We work closely with clients giving them personalized legal representation. We protect your legal rights and are there to assist you and your family however we can.

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