Colorado Dog Bite Lawyers: After a Dog Attack

We’ve all been there.  Walking down the street with our significant other, maybe with our dog on a leash, maybe with our children.  Suddenly, a dog appears from the house next to you and comes charging at your family.  Your first instinct is to protect your loved ones.  You step in front of the dog and hope it backs off.  Except it doesn’t and jumps up and bites you.  What do you do?  Whose dog is it?  How badly are you hurt?  What did I do wrong?  All of these questions run through your mind as you try to make sense out of what just happened.


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After a Dog Bite:

Seek Medical Attention

Obviously, the most important thing to do is seek medical attention if you are badly hurt.  If medical attention can wait, ascertain the identity of the dog and its owner.  The best way to do this may be to call the police.  The police will be in the best position to find out the identity of the dog’s owner.  Finding the owner of the dog may be simpler said than done but without knowing the identity of the dog and subsequently its owner, very little can be done to recover if you’ve been injured.  Knowing the identity of the dog allows for the investigation into what insurance coverage may be available, and, if none, any personal assets which may be applicable to your injuries.


Locate the Responsible Party

Many people mistakenly believe that whenever a dog is loose and causes someone an injury, the owner is always responsible.  While this statement may be partially true, trying to collect on a claim or judgment personally from a dog owner is an entirely different story.  Specifically, the owner may be “judgment proof” and carry no insurance and completely unable to pay for even small medical bills.  This does not mean that all hope of recovery is lost.  Other avenues need to be explored, including other residents of the home where the dog resides, the owner of the home if different from the dog owner, a dog sitter who may be temporarily responsible for the dog, and even possibly previous owners of the dog if applicable.


Dog bite cases present unique issues with respect to liability and locating the proper party who not only is responsible but who can also provide compensation for any injuries sustained.  As such, it is important to speak with an attorney skilled in dog bite cases who know the ins and outs of these types of cases and the unique complexities associated with them.


At Zinda Law Group, we have provided counsel to many dog bite victims and their loved ones throughout Colorado.  We are aware of the legal nuances involved, as well as the emotional support necessary to help the victims and their loved ones cope with their loss.


We provide a free initial consultation to all of our clients.  You can contact us through our website or call us at 303-800-1501. We handle all of our cases on a contingency fee arrangement.  There is no charge to our clients unless a recovery is obtained.