Loss of Consortium Lawyers in Dallas

Besides the physical pain and suffering, one of the most devastating repercussions involved with a failed transvaginal mesh operation is how it affects partner relations. Many husbands, along with their wives, have sued transvaginal mesh manufacturers, due to loss of consortium. After one woman underwent a transvaginal mesh operation and was in great pain, her husband said, "If I can't have sex with you I will have to get it from somewhere else."

What does 'loss of consortium' mean? When a woman suffers from the complications of transvaginal mesh, this limits or prevents her ability to provide household help, care, affection and sexual intimacy. In 2010, a woman and her husband both sued Johnson & Johnson successfully: the woman received $5 million in damages and her husband was awarded $500,000, because he alleged the surgery had ruined their love life. Because the mesh protruded through and into the woman's vagina, intercourse became impossible. The mesh was so intertwined with her organs, that removal will never be possible.

Reports have revealed that many marriages have ended after diminished intimacy due to transvaginal mesh implantations, and that hundreds of husbands have filed for compensation. Besides affecting a woman's abilities to do basic things, such as laundry, cleaning, cooking and caring for the children- it can adversely affect her sexual performance in the bedroom.

How Transvaginal Mesh Affects Sex

Excessive mesh shrinkage has been said to cause significant pain during intercourse. According to Vaginalmeshlawsuit-info.co "Dyspareunia, or painful sexual intercourse, can occur in women experiencing vaginal mesh erosion, extrusion, or other transvaginal mesh complications. In severe cases, intercourse becomes excruciating and surgical correction may be the best option for recovery."

After a transvaginal mesh operation, scar tissue formation, mesh erosion, fistula formation and infections can make sex painful or impossible. Men too, can experience pain and irrirtation during intercourse when coming into contact with transvaginal mesh. According to Vaginalmeshhelpline.com "The husbands of many of the women who have had the mesh say they have also been affected. Many have described feeling a foreign substance in their partner during intercourse. Other have even had their penises scratched or cut during intercourse from mesh fibers that have punctured the vaginal wall."

In the words of another woman, "My husband and I waited about two months to have sex after the surgery but he said that something inside me was scratching him. And I was in a lot of pain, like a gut punch during intercourse…I can understand how couples are getting divorced because of this transvaginal mesh, especially if they are younger…My real hope is that this transvaginal mesh can be removed, otherwise my sex life is over, forever. It is just too painful."

Still another woman shared, "I'm unable to have intercourse because it is too painful and that has led to depression and frustration; and you can imagine, this issue is putting so much pressure on my husband as well- it is so unfair."

Studies have shown that "…young woman who are sexually active were more likely to experience vaginal erosion of mesh, in which the vaginal skin erodes away, exposing the mesh beneath." The combination of the vaginal walls becoming inflamed and bleeding and the potential for male genitals to be scratched or cut, has made sex difficult and caused many couples to suffer as a result.

Before filing a claim based on loss of consortium, it is good to keep in mind that private, intimate aspects of your marriage will be revealed to a judge and jury. If you have been less able to carry out everyday household responsibilities, take care of your children and if transvaginal mesh has severely affected your sex life, your spouse should consider filing a claim for loss of consortium. Contact Zinda Law Group today to learn more about filing a transvaginal mesh lawsuit and what constitutes 'loss of consortium.' Our Personal Injury Attorneys are here to help you fight for the damages and justice you deserve!