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If you have been hurt or injured as a result of someone else’s intentional actions or negligence, you may have the opportunity to pursue compensation for your losses. This article will discuss important details about personal injury law, including what personal injury law is, the wide range of personal injury cases Zinda Law Group handles, and the benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney.

No one chooses to get involved in a personal injury case, but you can choose how you handle your claim. Having an experienced, knowledgeable personal injury on your side can make all the difference in the world when it comes to advocating for your rights and taking stress off of your shoulders.

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What Is a Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury law focuses on the disputes that arise when one person suffers harm, often in the form of physical injury, as a result of another party’s negligent or intentional conduct. Under personal injury law, the party that caused the harm may be held liable for the victim’s injuries. As a result, the at-fault party or that party’s insurance company may have to pay money, also referred to as “damages,” to the injured person for costs incurred as a result of the injury.

An injury victim wishing to bring a personal injury lawsuit must be able to prove four key elements:

  • The alleged at-fault party owed a duty to the victim
  • The alleged at-fault party breached the duty
  • This breach of duty caused the victim’s injuries, and
  • The victim sustained some type of harm.

A personal injury case is usually initiated and handled by a personal injury attorney who agrees to represent the victim in a civil court proceeding. The case may proceed to trial. At trial, the attorney needs to prove fault by a preponderance of the evidence if the victim is to be awarded compensation for the harm suffered. Alternatively, the parties may agree to a settlement. The settlement process involves back-and-forth negotiations between those personally involved in the dispute, their insurers, and attorneys representing both sides.

Why You Need a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

It is important to understand that in the aftermath of your injury, you are the only person who has your best interests at heart. The other parties involved, while they may take responsibility for what happened, will also want to pay out as little as they are legally obligated to. In addition, though insurance companies may promote themselves as close friends to their insured, they are operating a business and will also want to pay out as little as possible when they are involved in a case. For these reasons, and several others, it is important that you have a Denver personal injury lawyer who can help you understand the legal portion of your claim and fight to protect your rights as the victim of a personal injury situation.

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What Sets Zinda Law Group Apart?

Zinda Law Group is different from other firms in a number of different ways. Our attorneys are experienced negotiators, which means that they have experience valuing similar claims and can draw upon effective techniques to help you argue for maximum compensation. Our lawyers are also no strangers to the courtroom, treating every case as if it is going to trial and giving it the attention that it deserves. Finally, our attorneys pride themselves on providing top-notch customer service and are eager to help our clients navigate the claims process as efficiently as possible.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle in Denver

Personal injury is a very broad area of the law involving many different types of scenarios in which the victim suffers some kind of harm. Zinda Law Group attorneys are equipped to handle your claim, whatever it might be, including:

What Damages Are Available To Personal Injury Victims in Denver?

In order to be successful in your personal injury claim, you must have been actually harmed in some way. This can take the form of physical injury or it can be damage to personal property. The fear or anticipation of an injury will not be enough. The harm must have been caused by the other person’s failure to act in a reasonable way.

Injuries sometimes get worse with time. A personal injury claim will assess both present and future damages. Even if an injury is minor today, it may come with complications or require long-term management. A personal injury attorney will be able to help you calculate damages and can help you seek recovery for all of your injuries or damages.

Different kinds of accidents can cause you to suffer harm in a variety of ways. While physical injuries are the most common in personal injury cases, mental distress and lost wages are also common. Sometimes accident injuries can cause you to experience a reduced quality of life. All of these details factor in when determining what you can recover from a personal injury claim. Two main types of damages may be recoverable

Economic Damages

Some common types of economic damages include:

  • Medical bills
  • Pharmacy bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost income (present and future)
  • Loss of earning capacity

Non-economic Damages

Some common types of non-economic damages include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Loss of consortium


Proving Negligence in a Personal Injury Claim

Negligence is a legal term and occurs when a person fails to act as a reasonable person would have in the same or similar circumstance. There are standards for how a person should act. These may be common standards in work situations, social situations, or legally, such as following the traffic laws while driving.

The standard level of care varies based on who the parties are, where the actions took place, and the surrounding circumstances. Generally, there must have been a duty owed to you, such as following the traffic laws while driving, that was breached by the defendant. This breach of duty must have caused your injuries. For example, if the defendant was speeding and caused a collision with you while driving, that action is likely negligent.

Many accident cases can become very complicated. That is why it is important to reach out to a personal injury lawyer near you as soon as possible if you were injured in any way and you suspect someone else was responsible for your injuries. An experienced attorney would know how to address and unwind all of the details surrounding your complicated case.

What Is the Statute of Limitations in Denver, Colorado?

The statute of limitations is a legal time limit for filing claims. In Colorado, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims can depend on the exact type of personal injury that you sustained. If you wait until after the applicable statute of limitations has passed, then your case will likely be dismissed for a lack of timeliness. For this reason, it is important that you speak with a Denver personal injury attorney as soon as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions crop up relatively frequently across personal injury claims, including:

How Long Does It Take To Settle a Personal Injury Claim in Denver?

Without knowing the unique details of your specific case, it is impossible to give an accurate estimate of how long your case could take. Some cases may reach a settlement quickly, while others may drag on due to a variety of factors like complex injuries or a stubborn insurance company. However, one important note to understand about personal injury cases is that it is important to be patient—trying to rush things along may result in you accepting a settlement that doesn’t fully address all of your injuries.

What Do I Do After Suffering an Injury?

Seek Medical Attention

The first and most important thing to do following an accident involving injury is to seek medical attention. Even if you think you did not suffer a serious injury, it may nevertheless be a good decision to seek medical attention. This is because some injuries may take hours or days to manifest. Seeking prompt medical treatment may help expedite your recovery process.

Report the Accident

Next, you should report the accident. For example, if you were injured in an automobile accident, you should file an accident report with local law enforcement. If you were injured while shopping at a department store, you should file an accident report with a manager or supervisor. Filing a report will create an official record of the accident, which may help strengthen your claim.

Document the Accident

Document all relevant evidence and paperwork relating to the accident. This means creating and maintaining an organized file of every piece of important information regarding the accident. For instance, you should keep copies of photographs of your injuries, photographs of the area where the accident occurred, a copy of the accident report, and copies of all medical records relating to the accident.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Finally, you should consider discussing your case with a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney may provide an initial consultation and provide legal advice about your case.

What Is My Case Worth?

One important question that many accident victims have is how much their case could be worth in compensation. Again, this question is impossible to answer without specifics about your case, but it is generally true that the higher your costs are, the more your case could be worth.

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At Zinda Law Group, our personal injury lawyers are experienced and have handled many cases involving victims of accidents. We have the knowledge and resources necessary to help you determine what to do next and to help recover the best possible outcome for your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The attorneys at Zinda Law Group have years of experience handling, settling, and litigating personal injury cases. Some of the most common personal injury cases we handle include: