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Have you used products containing talcum powder and been recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer? Women around the country are now suing manufacturers of talcum powder products because of the scientifically proven connection between the use of the products and ovarian cancer. If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer or any other injury that may be associated with using products containing talcum powder, be sure to contact the talcum powder injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group of Denver today at 303-800-1501 for a free case consultation!

Talcum Powder Linked To Ovarian Cancer

If you have ever used body powders or facial powders, like Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder ®, feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons, or even if you have used diaphragms or condoms, the chances are that you have been exposed to talcum powder. Talcum powder essentially contains ground-up talc, a naturally occurring mineral that exists in our environment. Because the talcum powder contained in the products mentioned above is typically used in or around the genital area, the powder enters a woman’s body through her vagina and ends up settling in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and/or the uterus, thereby potentially causing ovarian cancer.

Scientific studies that have been conducted over the last forty years have found that use of these products is linked to ovarian cancer, particularly because they found talcum powder particles in the tumors of the ovarian cancer patients they studied. In some cases, scientists have concluded that women who use products containing talcum powder have a 20-30% higher chance of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer than those who do not use the products. Accordingly, if you have ovarian cancer and have used any talcum powder products in the past, you may have a potential claim. Call one of Zinda Law Group’s experienced and knowledgeable talcum powder lawsuit attorneys today at 303-800-1501, and let us help you seek the results you deserve.

We Represent Talcum Powder Lawsuit Cases in Denver

If you or a family member in Denver or Colorado has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and you think there is a chance that the cancer may be related to using talcum powder products, it is imperative that you consult with a talcum powder lawyer as soon as possible. Ovarian cancer is a serious illness, where medical treatment is often very expensive, not to mention the toll cancer takes on not only one’s physical health but also mental health. Fortunately, women around the country have successfully litigated against manufacturers of talcum powder products and many claimants have received awards including significant monetary damages. Which have been crucial for helping to pay for the extensive and expensive medical treatment that is often involved with ovarian cancer.

Manufacturers have previously been ordered to award claimants monetary damages based, in part, on their failure to warn consumers of the potential danger associated with the use of talcum powder products. If you, like these claimants, used products containing talcum powder, were unaware of the danger of using the products, and you have been recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, contact the knowledgeable Denver talcum powder lawyers of Zinda Law Group today at 303-800-1501.