Drowning Accident Lawyers in Austin

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Drowning accidents occur largely due to the negligence of a third party. In cases of adults, this can happen when a person falls on a slippery walkway by a pool or attempts to use a piece of equipment that has broken or is defective. In the regrettable case of children, this negligence can stem from poor monitoring of child safety, failure to lock gates or properly cover a swimming pool, or even defective equipment from a manufacturer. In any event, drowning accidents are disastrous to families and can result in a lifetime of increased stress and hardship. If someone you love has been the victim of a drowning accident and suffers a life-long disability or has died as a result, consider meeting with a personal injury lawyer to learn more about what you may be entitled to under Texas state law.

Near Drowning & Swimming Pool Accidents

While all drowning accidents are terrible, perhaps the most heartbreaking cases include accidents which result in the death of a child. All too often, children are able to access swimming pools or other swimming areas because of poor restrictions or complete lack of proper protection. Manufacturers have been known to sell defective gates, for example, that children can easily bypass in order to access an unattended swimming pool. Even in cases where a swimming area is populated and adults are in the vicinity, children can still drown in a matter of minutes.

Drowning accident deaths can be some of the most traumatic hardships any family goes through. Whether the victim is an adult or a child, the loss of a loved one under these circumstances is often difficult to bear. Emotional pain and suffering for surviving family members can be debilitating. It can end up conflicting with the ability to make a living or end up manifesting in other health-related ways that can cause real symptoms and conditions. In cases where the victim faces a life-long disability, such as brain damage, long-term healthcare costs can drive most families into debt with no hope of recovery those losses. At Zinda Law Group PLLC, we understand the law and can help any drowning accident victims, or victim’s families, to acquire financial compensation that can help to pay medical bills or any other fees associated with recovery, maintenance or pain and suffering. Our firm is dedicated to seeing your case to fruition, and will not rest until the strongest case has been made for your best interest by our Personal Injury Attorneys.