How Do I Get Money from a Personal Injury Case When My Offender has No Insurance?

How Do I Get Money from a Personal Injury Case When My Offender has No Insurance?

If you have ever been involved in a car accident or have been injured, then you know that getting your damages paid by an insurance company is often dependent on the limits of liability in your insurance policy – particularly if you were at fault. If the accident was caused by the other driver, then their insurance policy must pay for any injuries that you sustained plus property damage up to the limits of liability declared in their insurance policy.  But what if they don't have any insurance?

No Insurance. Now What?

If the other driver doesn’t have any or enough insurance to cover your injuries or damages, then your expenses can be covered by your insurance policy if you carry Uninsured / Uninsured Motorist (UM/UIM) coverage. The UM/UIM portion of your policy will pay for your expenses that arise from an accident if it was caused by an uninsured driver (someone who did not have any insurance on their vehicle). This part of your policy, the UM/UIM, will also cover an accident where the other driver didn't have enough insurance to cover your injuries and damages. UM/UIM will also cover damages and injuries caused by a hit-and-run driver up to the limits in your policy.

UM/UIM coverage is not mandatory in the state of Texas, but all insurance companies in Texas must offer their drivers UM/UIM coverage on their vehicle policies. If the extra coverage is declined, it must be done in writing.

Other Accidents or Injuries

What if you weren't involved in a car accident, but were injured through the negligence of another? Or you were hurt at work and unbeknownst to you and your employer has no workers' compensation coverage. There may be coverage available to you through a government fund for injured workers whose employers fail to carry workers' compensation insurance. Another alternative is to sue the offender and win a judgment against them. This will take a good deal of shoe leather and thick skin. Often, when people are uninsured it is for a reason – they have nothing to lose. And nothing to lose means nothing to gain.

To pursue a judgment, you will need to purchase an Abstract of Judgment and pay for a Writ of Execution. This will allow you to garnish their wages, their banking accounts, and seize certain personal property. But first you have to find them. Or you can engage the services of the law offices of Zinda Law Group. Our attorneys have extensive experience collecting judgments and we understand both the Texas and federal laws that apply to debt collection. Call us today and let us evaluate your situation. (800) 863-5312