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Buses play an important role in our Fort Worth communities, from dropping off our kids at school to allowing some of us and our neighbors to get to work. However, the convenience they provide the metroplex daily unfortunately comes with a cost: occasionally fatal bus crashes. Bus crashes anywhere are incredibly dangerous. In fact, Texas alone had 11 fatal bus crashes in 2020. The thing about bus crashes is many vehicles and many victims are often impacted by a single crash. A Zinda Law Group Fort Worth bus accident lawyer is here to help.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a bus accident in Fort Worth, you deserve to be awarded compensation to help your family recover and move forward. At Zinda Law Group, it is our mission to make that happen for you. So don’t wait; call our Fort Worth bus accident lawyers today at (800) 863-5312 and schedule your initial case evaluation, a 100% free consultation.

Eight Common Causes of Bus Accidents

There are many different causes of bus accidents, from driver negligence to defective vehicle parts. Regardless of what the cause of your accident was, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

Below are some of the leading causes of bus accidents, but if the cause of your accident is not on that list, or if you don’t know what caused your accident, don’t let that stop you from calling Zinda Law Group. Our experienced Fort Worth personal injury lawyers have the necessary skills to investigate your case and fight for you to be awarded the compensation you deserve.

Eight of the most common causes of bus accidents on the roads around Fort Worth (in no particular order of severity or occurrence) are:

1. Inexperienced Drivers

In theory, bus drivers should be highly trained professionals who have experience driving and navigating large passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, in practice that is not always the case. If companies are desperate, they may negligently hire drivers who have never driven a bus before.

Even if a driver has experience, a company may try to save money by not re-training their new driver. The new driver may be unfamiliar with the type of bus he or she is driving, which can ultimately cause an accident.

2. Distracted Driving

Even if the bus driver is experienced and trained, that does not necessarily mean they’re always driving responsibly. Bus drivers, just like any drivers, can fall victim to distractions such as their cell phone, which can result in accidents.

Bus drivers oftentimes are driving for many hours each day; the drive can get boring. So, some may think they can get away with sending a quick text or checking their social media feed, but doing so even very briefly can have dangerous consequences.

3. Speeding or Driving Recklessly

Bus drivers have a lot of pressure on them from their employers to make it to their stops or destinations on time. Moreover, passenger bus drivers have a whole load of customers sitting behind them waiting to get off. This can cause drivers to behave recklessly, such as by speeding or rolling through stop signs, which can and oftentimes does cause accidents.

4. Falling Asleep While Driving

If you have ever taken a bus for a long journey, you may have dozed off a few times and wondered how your driver made it through the whole trip. Well, unfortunately they do not always do so. Even bus drivers who are accustomed to making long journeys frequently are still human and still might get tired while driving.

When a bus or motor coach driver fails to take the responsible step of stopping when he or she is too tired to carry on, it can easily result in an accident. An experienced personal injury attorney will know how to obtain the driver log record of the one who was involved in the crash that injured you.

5. Driving While Intoxicated

Some long-distance bus drivers have been found to have been ingesting stimulant drugs in order to stay awake, and others have been caught driving while intoxicated. Even if you make the safe decision to take a bus out one night so you can have a few drinks at dinner, unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean your bus driver made the same choice.

6. Poor Vehicle Maintenance

With buses galloping around Cowtown as much as they do, it is extremely important that they are properly maintained. Unfortunately, bus companies may skip on required maintenance in order to save some money. When they do, the bus can break down or stall, which can cause accidents.

7. Defective Bus Parts

Accidents are often caused by defective motor or vehicle parts, such as defective brakes. There are three different ways a product can be defective: through its design, through its manufacturing, or through its instruction or warnings. Whatever the defect was in the case which led to your injury, it is unacceptable.

8. Third-party Negligence

Lastly, sometimes a bus accident can be caused through no fault of the bus driver or his or her employer. For example, if a third-party driver cut off a bus, and the bus had to swerve, she may have steered her large school bus straight into oncoming traffic and hit you.

Even if the accident was primarily the fault of a third party, our Fort Worth bus accident lawyers can nonetheless help you get the compensation you deserve. By investigating the scene thoroughly and interviewing witnesses, your injury lawyer can determine who is most liable.

What are Common Injuries from Bus Accidents?

Due to their large size and weight, buses can cause devastating injuries with lifelong effects on the victims. Below are some common injuries from bus accidents, but this list is not exhaustive. Regardless of the injuries that you experienced, you deserve compensation, and our Fort Worth are ready to help you build the strongest case possible for getting the maximum if you have suffered any of these injuries:

Who is Legally Responsible for my Injuries?

This is an important question with a somewhat complicated answer. Just like there can be many different causes of a bus accident, there can also be many different liable parties. For example, if the bus accident was caused by the driver’s inexperience or lack of training, both the driver and his or her employer may be liable for negligence under a legal theory called respondeat superior. Essentially, this doctrine says that employers have a responsibility to make sure they hire reliable and experienced employees, and when they fail to do that and it results in injuries, they may be liable.

Another possible liable party is a manufacturer who provided a defective product which caused the accident. For example, if the accident was caused by malfunctioning brakes in the bus that were designed improperly, then the manufacturer could be liable under a doctrine called products liability.

These are just a few examples, but every Fort Worth accident is different, and there are many other parties that could bear legal responsibility for your injuries. Sometimes there may even be multiple parties in one case who are liable. Figuring out who is liable to you for your injuries is very important because sometimes some defendants may be better situated to pay you the compensation you deserve than others.

For example, if the bus driver’s company could be held liable for your injuries, then it is important to include the company as a defendant. After all, the company likely has a much more comprehensive insurance policy than the individual driver.

However, you don’t have to figure all of this out on your own. An experienced Fort Worth bus accident lawyer can listen to your story, investigate your claim, and apply the law to figure out exactly who was responsible. Furthermore, by applying the correct legal theories to your case, they can ensure that the people or companies who endangered the lives of others and caused your losses will be held accountable.

Why do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Fort Worth?

An experienced personal injury attorney is essential to your success in getting the maximum amount of compensation possible. After listening to your story when you meet for your free case evaluation, your Fort Worth injury attorney can assess your legal claim and begin to gather all of the necessary evidence they need to prove your case in court.

Then, before they even file the case in court, your attorney can use his or her negotiating skills to hopefully reach a settlement agreement with the defendant’s counsel. This means that you may never even have to step foot in a courtroom.

Of course, if the defendant is not willing to agree to an amount that you deserve, your Fort Worth personal injury lawyer can then plead and prove your case in court. Although at Zinda Law Group our experienced attorneys may make this step look easy, it certainly is not.

Each legal claim has different elements, and your attorney will need to prove each element to the jury. For example, if your claim is based on negligence, then your attorney needs to convince the jury that four elements were present: duty, breach, causation, and injuries.

This is why hiring an experienced Fort Worth bus accident lawyer is so important. The more experienced the lawyer, the more likely you are to be successful in negotiations. For the greatest potential for success at trial, you want to hire experienced lawyers like the ones who work with Zinda Law Group.

What is My Claim Worth?

Every case is based on different circumstances, so no two plaintiffs will be entitled to the exact same amount. Moreover, the amount your case specifically is worth may depend on settlement negotiations or what you can prove to the jury if a trial becomes necessary. Because of this, it is impossible to say exactly what your claim is worth.

However, during your free consultation, one of our Fort Worth bus accident attorneys can help you get a better understanding of what your expectations should be when it comes to compensation. Generally, for these types of accidents and the legal claims that are asserted, plaintiffs can recover two types of damages: economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages compensate you for the quantifiable expenses you had, such as your medical expenses or lost wages from time off of work. Non-economic damages are more difficult to ascertain, but they can compensate you for the pain and suffering that you endured throughout your healing process.

Keep in mind, however, that different types of legal claims may result in different types of remedies available, which is another reason why it is so important that you hire an experienced personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney can help you assert the best legal claim in order to fit your compensation needs.

what to do if you have been injured in a fort worth accident

If you have been in a Fort Worth bus accident, we wish we could turn back time and stop the accident from happening, but unfortunately all we can do is help you pick up the pieces. If you have not been injured in a bus accident, it is helpful to educate yourself on what you should do if you find yourselves in that unfortunate situation. The first actions you take after an accident can greatly impact your legal claim later on.

1. Seek Medical Attention

This should always be your first step, even if you don’t notice any obvious injuries or if you feel like you are fine. These types of accidents can cause internal injuries that can progress rapidly if left untreated. By seeking medical attention immediately, you can identify any injuries before they get worse and create medical records which, if necessary, can help prove your injuries in court later.

2. Call the Fort Worth or Suburban City Police

Even if you have been in an accident before and have handled it without the police coming by, you should always call the police after an accident. For one thing, Texas law now requires that all accidents that result in severe property damage or personal injury be reported to the police as soon as possible.

Calling the police and filling out a police report will also be very helpful to your lawyer as they prepare your legal claim later on. Make sure that the officer takes down all of the important details, and request a copy online after it becomes available.

3. Document Evidence

Even though there is an officer present taking down a report, don’t shy away from documenting your own evidence on the scene. Consider taking pictures of your vehicle damage, your injuries, or the scene in general.

If there were eyewitnesses, take down their names and contact information. That way, if necessary, your lawyer can contact them down the road. Make sure to also take down the information of the bus driver as well as their bus number or identification. The more you document at the scene, the better.

4. Keep a Detailed Journal

As you continue to recover after your accident you should continue to document everything that you can. Unfortunately, our memories fade over time, especially when it comes to events that may have been traumatic for us. Because your lawsuit may end up taking place months or years after the accident, by the time you are in the courtroom, you may end up forgetting important details about your recovery process.

This is why it is very important to keep a detailed journal throughout your recovery journey. Write down the days you had to leave work or the nights you struggled to sleep due to your pain. The more details you have recorded, the easier it will be for your Fort Worth bus accident lawyer to show the jury how deserving of compensation you are.

5. Call a Zinda Law Group Forth Worth Bus Accident Lawyer

Last but certainly not least, call Zinda Law Group. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have helped many people in your situation take back control of their lives and obtain the compensation they deserve. Whenever you are ready to take the first step in this process, our lawyers are ready to listen to your story and fight for you.


At Zinda Law Group, our lawyers are more than just talented litigators; we are also excellent listeners and dependable advocates. Our lawyers know that you and your family have struggled. It is our mission to help you be awarded the compensation you deserve, but also feel taken care of along the way.

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