Natural Gas Explosion in Fort Worth

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Natural gas explosions in and around Ft. Worth, TX are reported in the news, often as a result of negligence or carelessness. Construction workers in Lewisville cut a natural gas line, and the explosion leveled a home and injured a resident. ABC News reported an explosion near Ft. Worth that resulted from a contractor’s error, and a worker was killed. A similar rupture killed two people near the Oklahoma border, and a pipeline explosion south of Ft. Worth injured many people and caused the death of one person. Personal injury attorneys at the Zinda Law Group law firm offer aggressive representation for victims who suffer from accidents caused by others.

Accidents happen for many reasons, including negligence, carelessness and improper procedures. Companies have the right to make money, but the right comes with an obligation to comply with proper safety procedures. Natural gas is flammable when exposed to air, and recent explosions confirm that people get hurt when proper procedures are not followed.

Understanding the Consequences of Accidents

Losses that victims suffer in personal injury accidents include factors that change the course of their lives. The obvious ones that most people think of include the expense of emergency medical care and continuing treatment, lost wages and reduced income from an inability to work. Injuries that are not visible impose great loss as well, especially the stress of worry and regret that result from someone’s catastrophic error. Fear of another unexpected disaster can weigh on a person’s mind, creating psychological damage. Anticipating harmful events can change a person’s outlook from positive to negative, scarring a personality and taking the joy out of living.

Finding Effective Representation
Attorneys Jack C. Zinda leads a team of experienced lawyers who bring compassion and understanding to the task of representing clients who suffer from personal injury accidents. With an understanding of Texas law and years of experience, Zinda Law Group provide outstanding legal representation to Ft. Worth residents. Attorney Joseph Caputo clerked for the firm while in law school, and now he represents clients in catastrophic personal injury cases and wrongful death. Attorneys at the firm have received recognition from national organizations, including the National Trial Lawyers Association.

Relying on Reputation and Achievement Awards and recognition received by a successful law firm give clients a way to find representation that stands out from the competition. Winning cases at trial and getting fair compensation settlements for clients establishes a record that everyone can see, providing a basis for selecting a superior law firm when an injured person seeks justice. The Zinda Law Group law firm offers a free consultation so that clients can see for themselves the quality of legal representation available in Ft. Worth.